The car does not open for a long time or has a small annual mileage. The surface is basically free of wear and tear, but in fact, the damage to the vehicle is greater. It is understood that due to the long-term operation of the machine at low temperatures, poor lubrication and rich mixture make the machine wear more intensive. In addition, long-term parking will cause oil, brake oil, antifreeze, electrolyte oxidative deterioration, tires and rim deformation, as well as unexpected problems such as pests and rodents. Therefore, even if the vehicle is not opened, maintenance is required at regular intervals. (Car care skills)




Oil filter

The first is the oil and filter. Once the oil container is opened, there is a possibility of oxidation, especially if the car is often in a stop-and-go state or the mileage is very short every day, and the phenomenon of oil oxidation is more serious. After the oil is oxidized, not only the lubrication effect is greatly reduced, but some acidic substances also cause serious corrosion to the machine parts. In addition, the deteriorated oil has a lot of deposits that can clog the oil passages or cause severe wear on the friction surfaces. Therefore, even if the vehicle does not reach the maintenance mileage, the oil and filter should be replaced every other year. (Car care skills)





Followed by antifreeze. The standard for antifreeze replacement is not the number of miles traveled, but the length of time, or rather the number of starts. Because the machine goes from cold to hot to cold, such a cycle will cause the antifreeze to age once and accumulate to a certain number of times, and the antifreeze must be replaced. In addition, long-term unused antifreeze, especially water-based glycol antifreeze, will also deteriorate, so the antifreeze must be replaced at most once every two years.(Car care skills)

If the vehicle has to be parked for a long time for some reason, it is recommended that all antifreeze in the cooling system be drained before storage and the oil drained. The battery should be removed after sufficient power, and should be charged periodically during parking. (Car care skills)




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