If everyone finds that it is difficult to start the car in a cold state, there is a clear sense of frustration, jerkiness, or deceleration of the engine’s acceleration performance. It is necessary to consider that the sparking plug may be aged.
 sparking plug
The replacement of sparking plugs is also part of the routine maintenance, just like replacing oil and three filters. After the maintenance is done, the 2-3 million kilometers or more, the serviceman will help you check the sparking plug and see if it needs to be replaced. If one or two of them need to be changed after inspection, the serviceman will change the whole set for you. Is this correct? Today we will talk about this issue.
Q: Did the serviceman cheat you?
A: The serviceman didn’t lie to you.
There is one cycle for the conventional parts on the car, and the replacement cycle for sparking plugs is generally between 20000 and 100000 kilometers (different material cycles). It does not mean that the official deadline cannot be used. In fact, most products are left in the design life, so after the deadline, it will not be so quick to cause fatal damage to the engine. However, after the over mileage, the wear of the electrodes will increase, the electrode gap will become larger, the ignition will be unstable, and the voltage will be higher. The performance of the lighter is to speed up the symptoms of powerlessness, ignition, misfire, and oil consumption. Severe electrode damage may cause damage to the engine. Therefore, it is recommended that you promptly discover and replace it in time.
 sparking plug
The general service station will give you a complete replacement. In theory, even if the replacement of the same brand with the same model, the sparking gap of the new and old sparking plugs are not the same, the resistance is not the same, not all the replacement will appear jitter, acceleration difficulties, fuel consumption and other issues. That is to say, different sparking plugs cause differences in ignition angle energy, resulting in unbalanced power in the four cylinders.
Another point: sparking plugs have a certain life expectancy, the same batch of product quality and life should be very close, since there are one or two problems, indicating that other sparking plug limit will also be reached. So change it together to prevent future problems.
The electrode materials commonly found on the market today are copper, nickel alloys, platinum, and osmium gold (both platinum and yttrium are commonly referred to as precious metals). The conductivity of metals increases from left to right (copper<nickel alloy<platinum<plateau ) The voltage required for ignition decreases from left to right (copper> nickel alloy> platinum> sheet metal), so the noble metal sparking plug has a smaller load on the engine and is advantageous for reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the precious metal has a longer service life, and of course, the price increases as the performance increases. Everyone can choose different products based on their own needs.
 sparking plug
1, the engine idle for a long time
When the engine is idling, the mixture is rich and the combustion is incomplete. At the same time, the engine cannot exhaust effectively using the exhaust inertia, resulting in an increase of residual exhaust gas in the cylinder, which accumulates in a large amount on the sparking plug and causes too much carbon deposit in the sparking plug.
2, Excessive wear between piston and cylinder wall
Excessive wear between the piston and the cylinder will not only cause poor compression of the cylinder, but also cause crankcase oil to swell. In this case, not only will the combustion temperature of the cylinder be reduced due to poor compression of the engine, the sparking plug will not be self-cleaning; at the same time, the lubricating oil from the crankcase will not fully participate in the combustion, and will also deposit on the sparking plug to form carbon deposits.
3, Valve seal damage
When the valve seal of the engine is damaged, it can cause the oil to enter the cylinder. Due to the damage of the valve seal, the lubricant is not only wasted on the cylinder, but also the sparking plug fouling is accelerated due to the poor volatility of the lubricant, incomplete combustion, and a large amount of gum in the lubricant. When the sparking plugs are heavily carbonaceous and greasy, they can usually be used after they are removed, but the effect and lifespan have been reduced.
 sparking plug
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