Are carb cleaner and brake cleaner the same?

Gernally, Comma car care accessories Co., Ltd. doesn’t suggest to use the carb cleaner and the brake cleaner interchangeably.

Hey, please don’t get confused by the appearances. Almost all aerosal products could be made with the same package material. And please keep in mind that the brake cleaner must be oil free but the carb & choke cleaner dosn’t have to be.

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Carb & Choke Cleaner


Not all the carb cleaners are coming with residue but many of them do. And the residue could be oil base which mustn’t be used for the brake cleaning.

Plastic/Rubber Friendly

Carb cleaner must be plastic and rubber friendly while it is using on the engine where there are a lot of engine harnesses.

Brake Cleaner

Oil Free

Brake cleaner is aggressive and usually no residue. Must be oil free.

Cxcellent Cleaner

Brake cleaner is an excellent all purpose cleaner but, you have to be familiar with the brand you’re using.

Not all cleaners are created equal. When using any product you should look at the ingredients to determine it’s suitability.

There is a separate Electrical Contact Cleaner that dries immediately, leaves no residue, is safe on plastic but, is expensive.

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