Car engine is the “heart” of the car, directly affect the performance of the car, although we will maintain the car engine, but if we do not pay attention to use and protection in daily life, no matter how maintenance is useless! Today we’ll take a look at the top three behaviors in our daily life that hurt the engine of a car.
1.The running-in period of the car makes the engine speed too high.
Every new car has a running-in period. During the running-in period, the car must pay attention to maintenance, because at this time the engine needs to run enough 3,000 kilometers to pass the running-in period. During the running-in period, never make the engine speed too high and brake urgently. Suddenly rapid, these behaviors are best avoided!
2.Engine inlet water in the rainy day driving.
Once the engine water, it is easy to appear the case of the top piston, it also makes the piston rod broken, if found that the engine water, do not to restart the fire!
3.Improper Start-up Operation of the vehicle is easy to burn engine.
Most of the time when starting a car, it’s wrong to fire right away with the key, because the engine is in a cooling state, and it’s easy to overheat the engine if you start it in a hurry. The right thing to do is to turn the key to ACC for a few seconds, then go to on, wait a few seconds, and finally turn the key to START and return to on!
These three are the most common daily life damage to the engine behavior, if you want to extend the life of your car, it is best to avoid these wrong operations, to take good care of the car engine.