The reason for the automatic flameout after the engine is hit: the flameout caused by the carbon deposit; the oil and the nozzle are blocked; the ignition system has a power supply problem; the engine control system is abnormal.



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1. Flameout caused by carbon deposition. Usually, carbon deposits are present in the throttle, spark plug, cylinder, oil passage, intake port, etc., which is a kind of coke-like substance produced by the fuel at high temperature. General physical methods are difficult to remove and require a dedicated cleaning agent for cleaning.

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2. The oil and the nozzle are blocked. This situation is also more common. Adding inferior fuel will not only produce more carbon deposit, but also may block the injector. The atomization effect is not good. In addition, the inferior fuel directly affects the combustion effect and improves the fuel loss. The accumulation of carbon monoxide formed by combustion into the vehicle can also cause human poisoning to die.



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3. Ignition system. Common faults are insufficient carbon deposits and ignition voltage. The former can use physical and chemical methods to remove carbon deposits. The latter can replace the spark plugs to solve the problem of insufficient voltage.


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4. Power supply problems. If the battery power loss is serious, it will make the engine difficult to start or even start. Generally, its service life is about 4 years. The battery that is close to scrap can be replaced. It is generally not recommended to repair, because the battery life after repair is also very short. And not so reliable.