I believe that many car owners will be troubled by the various small noises of the car body. This is not only a low-end family car, but even some high-end luxury cars can not completely avoid abnormal noise. The more the soundproofing car is on, the more unusual the noise is.

When the door is opened and closed, the “squeaking” sound caused by the friction of the hinge, the “click” sound caused by the loss of lubrication of the window strip, or the “click” caused by the mutual engagement of the plastic parts of the center console… In short, people are very uncomfortable listening.

To eliminate these abnormal sounds is not a simple matter. There should be many car owners who have tried it, but if you pat it, you can’t solve the problem at all.


GS-90 Introduction

GS-90 Dashboard Polish
GS-90 Dashboard Polish, 450ml, dashboard, interior, door panel, tire, leather, shoes, etc.


Today, Comma wants to teach you a “all-round” approach to eliminate the abnormal noise inside the car and spray the table wax. Whether it is a door, a plastic strip or a plastic part, it can be modified at a low price. It is also commonly used in the daily maintenance of cars.

Why can I apply surface wax to eliminate abnormal noise?

In general, the abnormal noise inside the car is mainly caused by the lack of lubrication between the parts, and the grease is more likely to cause ash.

The surface wax contains a large amount of lubricating and curing ingredients, mainly used for the surface of leather, plastic, metal, rubber and wood products.

After spraying, it can form a transparent and bright protective layer on the surface of the object to increase the lubricity of the surface of the object. It is not as viscous as grease, and has a fast-drying property and is not ash.

In some body parts, the grease does not work. For example, if the door handle is not reset, the grease cannot penetrate the inside.

Besides, rubber and plastic materials such as window glue strips and center consoles are not suitable for grease. Therefore, the use of table wax is the best policy.

Although the use of the surface wax can eliminate the abnormal noise, but it also has a certain timeliness. Generally, after one month or after washing the car, the effect is not obvious and needs to be used again.

Having said that, even if the car has no abnormal noise, it still needs to be done normally, so it doesn’t matter if it is sprayed a few times.