Repair cracks just with one spray!

Self-spray Crack Repair – 500ml

You may have encountered such a problem.



water seepage

One bottle solves many kinds of water leakage problems.

Self-spray Crack Repair color

Do – It – Yourself Crack Resistant

  • Quick-drying

  • Suitable for both households and engineering.

  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.

  • Available in a variety of colors.

With just one spray, cracks can be easily repaired whether they are in the walls or on the floors.

The latest automatic production line with consistent quality control.


  Short Lead-time

  Production Capacity

  (120 cans per minute)

Self-spray Crack Repair - 500ml

Easy to stop leakage with one spray

Convenient designs make water-proof easily

  Quick repair of one spray and leak stopping

♦  360° no dead angle, no leakage

One spray stop leak

360° spray

20 minutes surface dry

Repairs leaks fast

High-temperature resistance

Friction  resistance

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