As the saying goes, women are made of water. For car owners, cars are water-based, and there is more than one type of water or three types of water. We all know that the structure of the car is very complicated, in order to ensure the good performance and driving safety of the car. Every kind of “water” has different functions for cars. Therefore, we need to understand the role of these “water”. And when it comes to car maintenance, we can also avoid being pitted by bad businesses.
Let’s talk about the three types of “water” that are most common in daily driving: glass water, brake fluid, and antifreeze.
Glass water, we can see from the name, this is for the windshield of the car. So-called “glass water” is the common name for automotive windshield washer fluid. It belongs to the consumables used in the car. High-quality automotive windshield water consists mainly of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors and a variety of surfactants. When you are driving, you feel that the front windshield of the car is not transparent enough. At this time, spraying it will give you a clear vision. Especially when driving at night, the dust on the glass scatters the light. At this time, you need to spray a glass of water to keep the front windshield of the car in the best transparent state to ensure your safety.
Glass water is used for summer glass, winter frost-free glass, special antifreeze glass water, different glass water is suitable for different environments, mainly to see the temperature, replace the glass water according to the current season and driving environment. The northern winter is often tens of degrees below zero, which requires the use of special antifreeze glass water.
brake fluid
Brake fluid, also known as brake oil or forced oil. Because most cars now use hydraulic braking systems. Brake fluid is an indispensable part of the braking system. Brake fluid is a functional fluid used in hydraulic brake systems to transmit pressure to stop the rotation of wheels. The brake working pressure is generally 2MPa high up to 4~5MPa. All liquids have incompressible properties. In a sealed container or in a liquid-filled tube, when the liquid is under pressure, it will quickly and evenly transfer the pressure to all parts of the liquid. This is the principle of hydraulic braking.
Brake fluid has a great influence on the braking distance of the car, which is also related to the daily driving safety of the owners. Therefore, the brake fluid needs to be replaced regularly. Generally, it is recommended to replace the brake fluid in 2 years or 50,000km.
There is also a “water” antifreeze. The full name of antifreeze is called antifreeze coolant. It is actually a coolant with antifreeze function. Antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing during cold winter shutdowns and cracks the radiator and freezes the engine block or lid. Many people think that antifreeze is only used in winter, but it is not. Antifreeze is used throughout the year. Antifreeze is a kind of coolant containing special additives. It is mainly used in liquid-cooled engine cooling system. Antifreeze has antifreeze in winter, anti-opening pot in summer, waterproof scale, anti-corrosion and so on. Antifreeze is also required to ensure the normal operation of the car system, so it needs to be replaced on a regular basis, usually for two years or once every 40,000 km.
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