The birth of the car provides great convenience for people’s survival. Following the development of the period, the car is not a luxury product. People’s spending has been strengthened from time to time, and cars have entered millions of households. You can see colorful cars on the street, but have you ever thought that there are many kinds of car body colors, but why tires are black and not color tires?

In fact, the history of the car in the past, color tires have also been presented. Tire is a rubber product, and the natural color of rubber is red, so the first tire that is consumed in the world is red and applied to the Buick model. However, tire defects made of pure natural rubber are also self-evident. They are not wear-resistant and have an ordinary grip. The service life of tires is very short.

In the 19th century, with the improvement of the industry, the use of differential additives in the production of tires, and the consumption of tires has also become colorful. Although color tires are very characteristic, durability is still not lost. In the process of dealing with the problem of tire durability, after the scientists invented the carbon black (black oil ink), the strength of the tires was lost and promoted. Not only did it maintain good elasticity, but also the wear-resistance and tear-resistance level were greatly enhanced. The service life was before the tires. 4-5 times. This is a very cost-effective choice for a family car. For a long time, cars were equipped with color tires.

At the time of the 20th century, Michelin and a French chemical group developed color tires. They used silica instead of carbon black, and because silica itself was red, it was able to participate in dyes are used to make black tires of different colors, and the tire function is the opposite of black tires that participate in carbon black. However, because the cost of producing such color tires is very high, so it is not presently on the mass production vehicles, so the color tires are not used today.

True from the perspective of security, the safety of black tires is also higher than the color tires. Because following the development of the automobile industry, the speed of cars has increased from time to time. If the car is equipped with color tires, then it took on the road to simply absorb the attention of other vehicle drivers, may lead to unexpected attacks. In addition, the traffic accident rate caused by tires is decreasing, and the departments concerned are also increasing their demands for anti-aging and anti-aging of car tires. Carbon black tires can be used for anti-aging and wear resistance.

For many people, cars are still expensive luxury goods. If you accept the production of expensive color tires, the price of the car must be higher, then there will be more people and thus “high climb cannot afford.” Since this is the case, it must accept carbon black tires that are absolutely low in production cost and have good wear and aging resistance. In addition, black tires are also suitable for all models, no matter what the body color, with black tires will not seem unfair. Taken together, this is why today’s cars have accepted black tires.

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