Can carb cleaner be used on electrical contacts?

 Firstly, there is a specialty product, electrical contacts cleaner. Comma car care accessories Co., Ltd. has its own formula.
Why we have the question? We think customers might be confused by below facts,

  1. Specialty electrical contacts cleaner is expensive than the carb cleaner;
  2. Both are used for cleaning work;
  3. The look the same;

Before moving forward, please refer to below two package appearance of the two products manufacturered by Comma.

The Compare

Electrical Contacts Cleaner

No Residue
Alcohol base without residue
Quick Drying
Waterless alcohol base features quicker drying time
Plastic/Rubber Safe
Use a solvent that is safe for the plastics or rubbers
The solvent of waterless alcohol eleminates the potential rusty risk.

Carb & Choke Cleaner

Residue which is good for the other parts but doesn’t on the electronics.
Some carb cleaner with formula which could melt the plastic/rubber. Check the ingredients or quit.
The Electrical Contact Cleaner that dries immediately, leaves no residue, is safe on plastic but, it is worthy for the price if it is the considering to use the alternative with carb cleaner.


If you still have question about the electrical contacts cleaner, leave a message on below. Comma had been in the industry field for more than 10 years. We can make the good quality products to help you sell more in your market.

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