Fluorescence Aerosol Spray Paint 450ml

  1. Fluorescence Aerosol Spray Paint;
  2. 450ml regular size and others;
  3. Usually 15 days production lead-time;
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Fluorescence Aerosol Spray Paint 450ml

Product Description

Fluorescence Aerosol Spray Paint is a brilliant aerosol paint, clean colors, fastest dry time under 10 minutes, paint and primer durable adhesion, for indoor and outdoor projects with rust protection, can be used on metal, wood, plastic, wicker and more.

Product Details

Can Material Tin can
Content 450ml
Qty/ctn 12pcs Per Carton
State Liquid Spray
color More than 100 colors available
Odor Solvent
Performance Easy and fast drying
Application Field Vehicles,machine,apparatus and basement materials:wood,glass,leather etc.
Shelf Life 3 years

Product Parameters

Nozzle 360° rotation design
Main Ingredient Resins, Pigments, and fillers, Solvents, Additives, Propellants
Spray Rate ≥99%
Pressure Inside 0.3-0.5 Mpa(25)
Drying Time Tack free: ≤10min
Hard Dry ≤60min
Hardness ≥HB
Adhesion Grade 2
Flexibility Grade 2

Additional information

Product Name

Fluorescence Aerosol Spray Paint

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