The car interior is the most exposed body part of the car, keeping the car clean and tidy, thus providing us with a good driving environment. When cleaning the interior of the car, it is easy to ignore the car’s internal dashboard, roof, steering wheel, seats, etc. In terms of detail, we need to thoroughly clean and fully maintain all the parts of the car to create a healthier, warmer driving environment.

1, clean the seat

If it is not cleaned regularly, dust will accumulate more and will affect the air inside the car. Usually, these gaps are difficult to reach in the hand for scrubbing, such as the seam of the seat, the rear half of the storage compartment behind the door, the size of the car vacuum cleaner is small, can be flexibly cleaned to clean the dust, the sand is like a footpad. It can also be easily cleaned up.


2, clean air conditioning air outlet

Some cracks in the car are difficult to clean. They can be called clean dead ends. Many tools are not clean. In this case, the air conditioner cleaner is very useful, and it is time-saving, labor-saving, and very convenient.


3, clean the steering wheel

The steering wheel is the part we touch the most. When we drive, the steering wheel is always in our hands. Special cleaning agent, pay attention to wipe the water stains clean.


4, cleaning the mat

Car carpets are the most easily soiled car parts, and the car carpet itself is integrated into the car, making it difficult to disassemble and clean. The most effective way to keep your car carpet clean is to use a car mat. It even protects the car’s main carpet from cleaning and is easy to clean and maintain. First use a car vacuum cleaner to clean, then use detergent to brush your teeth.


5, in addition to odor

In some car owners’ cars, the taste is very poor. Some new cars will have some flavor when they are purchased. After release, they mix the smell of cigarettes, perfume, food, and sweat. The taste of this thing is not a small project, it needs us to start from scratch. First of all, pay more attention to personal hygiene, do not smoke and eat in the car, and do not open the window in time. The car can be equipped with an air deodorant.


6, clean the dashboard

When cleaning the dashboard of a car, you can use the instrument panel cleaner to spray, then wipe with a soft cloth, and finally apply a layer of protective water wax to effectively extend the insertion range of the plastic instrument panel.