“When summer high temperatures, the car to take a higher load of operation, mechanical wear and wear of aging a lot worse than usual … So Comma today to introduce you to several summer car care tips, Come and see it!”
1. The car interior should be cleaned and sterilized usually.
Many car owners do not often open windows in summer high temperature, and in order to air conditioning wind, often only internal circulation. Over time, the car air will become particularly cloudy, at this time, the interior will be particularly easy to breed bacteria. So, Be sure to clean the interior regularly to keep the air fresh inside the car.
2. Car air conditioning is best to thoroughly clean.
Car air conditioning is easy to breed fungi and mold after a long period of “vacation”. It not only affects the air quality in the car, but also is harmful to the health of the people in the car. Therefore, the air conditioning system should be sterilized and deodorized before the summer.
In addition, the air conditioning system should be sterilized and deodorized. There are also tips for using car air conditioners in the summer, such as: don’t set the temperature too low; don’t use the air conditioner for too long each time; develop the habit of turning off the air conditioner before turning it off the engine.
 3.Always check for lack of coolant.
Car coolant volatilization fast in summer, so often check if the lack of coolant, if not, to supplement the same brand of antifreeze, can not supplement other brands of antifreeze or water.
4.Engine maintenance.
In summer, we should try to choose some oil with higher viscosity, because the viscosity of oil will change with the increase of temperature. When the temperature is higher, the viscosity of oil will decrease, the oxidation resistance will be poor, and it will be easy to deteriorate. The oil film formed inside the engine is thin and uneven, which can easily lead to malfunction. In addition, under the condition of sufficient lubrication, the corresponding viscosity lubricating oil should be selected according to the temperature range, engine temperature, and actual vehicle condition.
5.Preventing car spontaneous combustion.
The high – temperature and hot weather is also the high – time period of autoignition accidents. The autoignition of the automobile can not only cause economic loss but also can cause casualties. It is necessary to pay more attention. The cause of autoignition of the automobile is manifold, such as engine gasoline filter failure, line failure, power supply line aging, etc.
6.Prevent tire explosion.
Due to the higher temperature, the higher pressure in the tire, the hot summer weather, too high or too low tire pressure are likely to cause anomalous expansion of the tire instantaneous expansion of a flat tire, so the summer should pay special attention to regularly check tire pressure to keep in the normal range.
In addition, prolonged summer driving or high-speed tires easily overheated, while increasing pressure, this time should stop and cooling, anti-depressurization or splashing water is strictly prohibited cooling.
In fact, in order to prevent car problems, vehicle inspection is the most important, mainly including the following aspects. Remember that:
Tire: check tire pattern and pressure (including spare tire.)
Brake: check electrolyte, oil, gearbox oil, water level of water tank, oil level of brake oil.
Light: the service life of automobile light bulb is generally two years, Please change the light bulb in time.