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Let me tell you a story first. Recently, a rubber ring of my sports bracelet strap cracked. I thought of several plans.

  1. Go to the store where I bought the bracelet and ask if there is a warranty, but, I guess, there will be no such a small accessory at all. Moreover, my bracelet has passed the one-year warranty. It is not even a core part. I think it’s a waste of time to go to the store specifically for this.
  2. Go to the official online store of the bracelet to see if they have the accessories. But, as you know, they always sell the parts for a lot of money.
  3. Go to a Chinese online shopping site similar to Amazon Mall and buy a bracelet strap of the same model.

I think I can only serve the first and second options as the last choice.

I turned on the computer to run the third solution, then entered the keywords, and many results came out. There was indeed a strap of the same model, but the price was $8. This was not what I wanted. Only that small rubber ring wass useful to me. I didn’t need a new strap.

Then, I saw a strap whose color and shape were similar to my strap, but model was different. Its price was only US$1.5, including shipping. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I can buy it back, remove the rubber ring and replace it on my bracelet. Just think about it, even if I know that there are stores that I can buy this rubber ring. If I take the bus at the lowest cost, and it costs 0.3 US dollars one way at least. I can’t guarantee that I can buy such a bracelet for $0.9 in a physical store.

In the end, I bought this strap, and I removed the small rubber ring and replaced it on my sports bracelet. The problem was solved perfectly. I can throw away the rest parts of the strap I bought.

Car Care Products China Supplier

Before throwing it away, I was always thinking about what I could do more. Finally, I thought that I would record this matter and share it with our customers. I hope I can use these advantages of China to help my customers to develop their business.

This is what COMMA has been doing. We focus on car care products, and have helped many customers from small orders to build up to 10 containers per order. This has paid dividends in China’s development. If you have any ideas about our products, please feel free to contact us.