Super Clean (Cleaning Soft Gel) –180g

  • Capacity: 180g
  • Item Number: C1-101
  • Application: Cars / Keyboard / PC Laptop Dust Removal Cleaning, etc.

Super Clean (Cleaning Soft Gel), with semi-fluid gelatinous materials, is an evolutionary cleaning product, and a multi-purpose cleaning soft gel.

Super Clean



Environmental Protection Silicone


Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, etc.


Cars / Keyboard / PC Laptop Dust Removal Cleaning, etc.


Sustainable, Eco-friendly


Easy to clean; long life; soft; etc


Other household chemicals


Pet bottle



Carton Size

37 × 37 × 26 cm

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Super Clean


Ionized water, vegetable gum, aloe vera gel, essential oil, Carboxymethyl Hydroxyvitamin, glycerin.

Why buy this product?

  • It’s an evolutionary cleaning product and a multi-purpose cleaning soft gel. Its cleaning function is far better than that of traditional cleaning products. With semi-fluid gelatinous materials, it is easier to enter hard-to-reach areas, such as various uneven surfaces and narrow gaps. Just stick it on,it can remove hair, debris, dust, etc. easily.
  • Vegetable Gum (natural source) is an environmentally-friendly formula, which can be decomposed naturally. Adopt the special cold matching technology to adocate low-carbon life. It is much better than synthetic colloids.


  • Soft gel material. It can easily remove dust, hair, and food residue, and clean places that cannot be cleaned with conventional cleaning tools.
  • Tests show that it can effectively eliminate bacteria and enable you to maintain quality and healthy life.
  • Super absorption capacity, no need to wash or clean with detergent. It can be reusable.
  • Environmentally-friendly materials, harmless to the human body.


Cars, keyboard, mouse, headset, speaker, monitor, laptop, remote control, printer, copier, scanner, lamp, mobile phone, camera, MP4, clothing, bags, appliances, furniture, jewelry, and any other grooves, gaps of objects or surfaces that are dusty.

How to use?

Take out the cleaning soft gel and put it on the surface of the article, roll or press it gently with your hands, and pull it up to get rid of the debris. When cleaning the narrow gaps, gently press and pull it up.


  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • Keep it dry;
  • Keep it out of reach of children;
  • Non-edible.

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