THIS® Door Lock Lubricant

With THIS® door lock lubricant. No stucky lock, no squeaky door!

Door Lock Lubricant Spray

What have you been experiencing?

Stucky lock?
Squeaky door?

Help thousands of customers, with the spray, to improve lubricated experiences.

  • Eliminate noise from the door hing.
  • Repair the keyhole stuck.
  • Improve guide sliders working.
Eliminate noise and Repair
door lock lubricant spec


Product Name

Door Lock Lubricant



Shelf Life

3 Years



  • Lubricate the lock cylinder
  • Eliminate noise
  • Door lock rust-proof

It is a good product to sell a lot in

Hardware/Tools Stores

MOQ is 3000 pieces

It requires MOQ of 3000 pieces, 125 cartons. We are locating in Guangzhou city. Let’s talk for a solution of the logistics, especially for small ammount purchasing.

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Door Lock Lubricant

Door lock lubricant is a favorite and useful product for many families.

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