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Aerosal Spray Paint

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All THIS® brand products are recognized by global markets for Maximum Content Weigh within aerosol product safety criteria.

Types Of Spray We Are Selling

Supplying Full Range Of Spray Paint

Use on the surfaces of many materials, includes metal, plastic, wood. 

  • car body
  • refrigerator
  • helmet
  • steel fence
  • bicycle
  • table
  • chair

Also use it to mark animals, graffiti, etc.

Chrome Spray Paint

Need a metal mirror  like surface and anti-rust?

Chrom spray paint is the best choice. Also features,

  • UV resist
  • anti-aging

Gold Spray Paint

Match the real gold color. Use it to all kinds of surfaces.


High Temperature Spray Paint

Use on the surfaces in high temperature enviroment,

  • outdoor BBQ oven
  • car engine cover
  • wheel brake
  • exhaust pipe
  • engine body

Galvanized Spray Paint

Use it for the surface needs a color close to zinc plating.

Quick dry, easy to operate.

Strong adhesive and anticorrosive.


Fluorescent Spray Paint

Fluorescent color spray paint. Inventory for

  • Green
  • Pink

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